Allison Cecile
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You know that feeling when you’re down and life just continues to kick you in the ass?

That is, unfortunately, what my last month has been.

Personal loss. Financial strife. Health concerns. Family emergencies. Urgent surgeries. Cancer diagnosis.

As if that isn’t enough, there was a break-in attempt at midnight…


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My eyes open immediately but my mind isn’t quite as fast. Am I dreaming?


My dog barks. Three times. Idiotically friendly, she rarely barks.


I check my phone to see if there are messages from…

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Some people spend their childhoods playing outside on playgrounds or in the loving arms of Mother Nature. Maybe they let their imaginations run wild, battling the troll under the bridge or embarking on a trek of exploration and adventure.

I am not one of those people. The outdoors was deemed…

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The One Who Taught Me to Dream

You were everything I wanted in life.

Your chiseled jawline. Your dreamy eyes. That perfect hair. I watched from the sidelines as time and time again you swept in to save the damsel in distress. Evil stepmothers and fire-breathing dragons never stood a chance against your valiant bravery.

You are…

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Okay — open honest conversation time.

My writing journey hasn’t been what I’d hoped it would be the last month. Maybe my writing muse is on vacation. Maybe my motivational levels are at an all-time low. Maybe my creative tanks are running on fumes.

As an editor for 30-Day Challenge…

Allison Cecile

Engineer by day and writer by night — here’s to putting myself out there || 8X Top Writer

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